Everyone should have the choice of living in a neighborhood where they can thrive.

  • Most place-based conditions have place-based policy solutions
  • Neighborhoods work best when they are socially, economically and racially inclusive.
  • Quality housing should be affordable at all income levels
  • Neighborhoods, cities and regions should be inclusive in proportion to the makeup of the metro-area economically, socially and racially
  • Strong institutions and facilities are essential to healthy neighborhoods
  • Neighbor engagement in making change is vital
  • Neighborhood revitalization requires strategic planning to address the myriad of systemic policies and practices that have devalued the neighborhood.
  • Healthy neighborhoods build community wealth and upward mobility
  • Advocacy for systemic change to undo racial segregation must be intentional.
  • Racial segregation perpetuated by racist policies and practice is at the root of most of the disparities in health, education, wealth, employment between predominately white and black neighborhoods.